Living in the Forgiveness of Christ

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Two weeks ago, I shared with you about Living in the Freedom of Christ. Last week we focused on Living in the Grace of Christ. This week, I want to share with you about Living in the Forgiveness of Christ. These three truths are closely intertwined, but, in my experience, forgiveness is the key to experiencing what it really means to live in the freedom and the grace of Christ. If you recall, I promised [...]

Living in the Grace of Christ

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One of my favorite passages in the Bible appears in the book of Exodus. I imagine you have heard the story. Moses had spent many days upon the top of Mount Sinai in the presence of God, receiving from Him various instructions, including the ten commandments. But the people waiting below, became restless and impatient. They compelled Aaron to make for them a golden calf to worship, such as they had once had in Egypt. [...]

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